Webhosting 1000mb

cat-webhosting-1000mb1000 MB (!) plus 10 GB Datatraffic per month
plus your own domain
your own e-mail addresses
For just  $ 50,00 (Nafl 89,00) a year (excl. OB/BTW).

An average CMS website needs about 300 MB of webspace. This is the minimal amount of webspace you need for the technical and graphical needs of the website. However, even in our starters webhosting package we provide you much more space than an average site actually needs. So now you don't have to worry when you want to have a nice photoalbum, a guestbook or even a small webshop. And, if you need more webspace in the future, then you can buy the upgrade of 1000mb/10gb traffic for just $ 40,00.

Specifications Webhosting for Curacao

Webspace 1000 MB
Traffic per month 10 GB

Included is 1 free domainname
(.nl / .com / .eu / .net / .biz / .org / .info)
100 E-mail addresses
100 E-mail forwarders
100 E-mail autoresponders
E-mail advanced anti-spam & anti-virus 
E-mail available via webmail 
E-mail available via IMAP/POP3 
E-mail sending via our SMTP server

Mailinglists (max. 100)
PHP version 5.4.4
MySQL 5.5 databases (max. 10) 
FTP accounts (max. 10) 
Servers are situated in the Netherlands
Hosting is on shared servers


Plesk Admin control

You will have access to 'Plesk'. A website management tool for your webhosting package. With this you will be able to create your own e-mail accounts, FTP accounts or other website related adjustments. (Or your own IT specialist can do that for you.)

In the direct admin management system there is also an option to automatically install ready-to-use website software such as Joomla, Wordpress, Calendars, Galleries, and much... much more.

We offer support, however, if there are technical- and/or specific questions we will send your question to a technical support team. This may take up to 3 working days.

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Our services include:

Website design
Graphic design
Entertainment reservation
Music Productions
Record label


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