Is a Curacao website, which is hosted in the Netherlands, not slow?

Our hosting services are situated in the Netherlands. If you have any doubt about the speed of your website in Curacao, we would kindly want to invite you to check out the speed of this website, or to check on how fast it responds at your own location. These websites are also hosted on the same webservers that your website will run on. Your future website will be as quick as our websites.

Normally you will hardly notice a big difference in speed between Curacao based webhosting servers or based in the Netherlands. Curacao has one of the best internet connections of the entire Caribean with the main land. They have fiberglass cables directly connected to the main land in addition of satelite connections. If you still come accross a 'slow loading' website, most times it is due to bad website design or the use of large images which are not resized to 'internet friendly' format.

If a website does not load at all, ... then probably you have a power failure (not so uncommon) ... call Aqualectra!


Only grade-A equipement is used in the datacenters and webservers. The infrastructure have a backup structures wherever possible. For example; if there is a harddisc crash, a secondary backup harddisc automatically takes over with no downtime at all. We also like to sleep at night. De servers are situated in two different datacenters, both heavely secured and equiped with all neccesary facilities needed for a thrustworthy operation. There is an automatic check on the servers and network, every minute! If in the unfortunate case that something should happen, the technicians will instantly react accordingly.

Shared servers
Your webspace is reserved on a 'shared server'. You will get allocated a part of the server, and the remaining space is shared with other customers. Therefore the servercosts are also shared, and that is why we can serve you with our low prices. Except from (very) large companies, a shared server is the best possible option for small to medium sized businesses/webshops and for private use.

A webserver is an expensive computer. If you would like a 'dedicated server' (that is; a server just used by you), then you will have to pay a large amount of money. (Starting from $99 per month). The advantage beeing speed and complete control and use by just your company. Mainly large companies will choose a dedicated server. Such as the online-gambling industry located in Curacao E-commerce zone with tens-of-thousends visitors each day. We only provide webhosting services on shared servers, so we can deliver competing prices.

Every time your website is visited, the webserver (your website) sends information to the visitors computer. This datastream is also called 'webtraffic'. If your webtraffic limit is reached, the website will not be visible anymore. However, you can always buy extra webtraffic or just wait for the next month. By normal use, this webtraffic limit will almost never be reached. It will occur only if you have a lot of visitors each day, or if you host movies/music/radiostreams from your website as downloads. Then of course your limit will be reached very quickly.

Of course you can buy webtraffic beforehand, so your website will never be offline.

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