We are pleased you want to order your webhosting from us. On your righthand side you can fill in your preferred domainname. After you press <Still available?> you will see if your choice is still available.

If still available, you will see "ORDER" next to it. Press <ORDER> to order the webhosting package of your choice with the domain you entered.

Our company has a pay-in-advance policy. Your order will only be processed AFTER your payment has been received on one of our banking accounts. After you have placed an order, you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions. Your requested domainname will only be registered after payment. This is because the domain will be registered at your own name. We have to make costs to register your domain and webhosting.

Fast payment = Less chance of somebody hijacking your domainname!

We offer a quick way to pay using PayPal or CreditCard. Your payment will be processed in a matter of minutes, so we will be able to quickly process the order and registation. The faster we can register the domain, the less chance that somebody else registrates the domainname! After we have received the payment on our account, it typically takes about 4 hours to deliver the order and domainname to you. (During Dutch office hours.)

Of course you are also able to pay using a normal banktransfer. Mind you though that sometimes the bank can take several days to process your payment.

By entering the order-request, you will not have the guarantee that your chosen domainname is actually available to you. We can only process your order AFTER payment has been received by us. Sometimes it can take several days for the banks to process the payment. In the meantime, anybody can register the domain for themselves!! Also, the domaincheck on our website is informative. Even though we try hard to provide you with correct information, we are depending on external factors such as the several domainregistrars. We can not give you an 100% guarantee that your chosen domainname is still available when we process your order.

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Our services include:

Website design
Graphic design
Entertainment reservation
Music Productions
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