In short

Our contracts for webhosting and the registration of your domain are for a one year period.
Of course you are allowed to end the contract of to move to another hostingprovider, however, the annual fee (a parts of that) will not be restituted.

Registered on your own name
The domain registration will always be registered to your name.

One hosting = one website
You are only allowed to use just one website per hosting package. However, you can use multiple domains pointing to one website, using domain-pointers (alliases).

No automatic renewal
We do not have a automatic renewal policy of your contract at the end of the yearly period.
If your yearly period is reaching it's end, you will receive a new bill for the upcoming period. You can then decide if you want continue our hosting service. By paying the bill before it's expiration date, your hostingservice will be extended with one year. If you do not pay, the hosting service will simply end. Just as simple as that.
(Mind you though; The domain registration will also end! If you do not move the domainname to another registrar before ending our services, the domain will be available for registration to anyone.)

Administration panel
You will receive access codes to the administration panel of your webspace. Enabling you to create e-mail addresses, databases, install ready-to-use software, and use several other admin tools.

Our maximums
You can create to a maximum of 10 MySQL databases, 10 FTP accounts, 100 e-mail addresses and 100 e-mail forward addresses.

No unasked overuse of webtraffic = no unasked bill
On reaching the limit of maximum webtraffic, the webhosting account will be temporarely blocked untill the next month. So you are ensured that you will not receive an additional bill for overusing the webtraffic limits. If the webtraffic has reached about 80% of it's monthly maximum, we will send you an e-mail. To prevent blocking, it is possible to buy extended webtraffic, either temporarely for a month, or upgrade you webhosting package permanently.

This is NOT allowed:

  • Spamming (Consiously sending unsollicited e-mails on a large scale.)
  • The use of, copying of, or distributing, copyright protected material, such as (but not only) music or movies.
  • Using or distributing or placing content about child pornography, sexual intimidation, discrimination, terrorism related content, menace or extortion of persons.
  • Enter someone else's systems, networks or computers without their consent, while bypassing installed security provisions or while using specialised hardware or while using false identities. (In short: Hacking is not allowed!)
  • By not respecting these simple rules, your webhosting account will be temporarely blocked untill the infringment is removed. You will not receive a reembursement for the blocked period.

Extra service
We can help you, free of charge, to create the first 3 e-mail addresses using your new domain and webhosting account. If you sent us an e-mail with the e-mailaddresses you would like to have, we will create them for you!

Of course we can help you to administrate the webhosting account, as well as designing and updating your website. We charge $50,00 per hour. Our startingfee is a half an hour for each request. So it is adviseable to combine requests, instead of placing several request over a few days.

Some examples of admin jobs we can help you with;
Creating additional e-mail addresses, creating FTP accounts, installing of software on your website/hostingaccount, creating backups, and so on...

These are some of the prominent rules of our general terms of business. Please read our general terms for the complete version.

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