Payment in advance

We use a payment in advance policy. Your choosen products will only be delivered after your payments has been received at one of our banking accounts. As soon as your payment is confirmed as received, we can have your requested domainname and hosting operational within approximately 4 hours during office hours.

The reason for this policy is quite simple; Your requested domainname will be registred on your name. To acquire the domainname we need to make expenses. If, however, you would not pay us after the registration, then we have little to nothing to prevent you from moving the domainname to another hostingprovider, leaving us with the expenses we already made. Also, trading between two countries makes it hard/expense for us to order an official payment request.


If we sent you a bill from the Netherlands to CuraƧao, we charge 0% OB/BTW/VAT
If we sent you a bill from the Netherlands to the Netherlands/Europe, we charge 21% OB/BTW/VAT

Acceptance of our conditions

Your payment also implements, that you unconditionally agree to our general terms of business.

We offer the following payment possibilities:


Bank transfer

Please use the following data to sent us the amount by bank:

Name Transferee: Dellenoy Entertainment Services
Bankname: Rabobank Nederland
Bankaccount#: 1387.71.227
IBAN #: NL72 RABO 0138 7712 27
Description: Your chosen domainname (example: curacao.com)


Bank transfer

We are currently in the process of acquiering a banking account at the MCB bank of Curacao.



Credit Card or Paypal payment

Attention: Payments using paypal are charged with extra transaction costs of 5,2% (+0,35) of the amount of money beeing payed. These costs are included in the shown prices.

The BTW/VAT/OB is charged automatically. Depending on the country you pay from. Charges are 0% OB/VAT when paying from Curacao, or 21% when paying from the Netherlands/Europe.


Your choice, prices include the PayPal transaction costs


Curacao-internet.com is part of "CuraDeal / Dellenoy Entertainment Services". You will see "CuraDeal" or "Dellenoy Entertainment Services" as beneficiary in your receipts.




Our services include:

Website design
Graphic design
Entertainment reservation
Music Productions
Record label


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VAT: NL.1554.25.316.B01

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